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Video: This Much Will Kill You

The video below by Asap SCIENCE breaks down something we’ve been saying for a while: Dose makes the poison. TV doctors and online health gurus often stoke

Would You Pass High School Health Class?

Today the Center for Accountability in Science (CAS) released the results of a new survey showing most Americans couldn’t pass a high school health class.

EPA: Glyphosate Not Likely Carcinogenic

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) finally, and intentionally, released its long-awaited glyphosate report concluding “the available data and weight-of-evidence clearly do not support the descriptor ‘carcinogenic to humans.'”

Should You Stay Away from Aspartame?

Despite decades of research and hundreds of studies demonstrating the safety of the artificial sweetener, aspartame, rumors persist that it’s dangerous. Some flow from the

Activists Make Big Stink about GMOs

Scientists recently gathered at a conference in Europe to discuss the challenges of food security and sustainability in the 21st century. But not long after the

Another Tip for Detecting Junk Science

When health scares start to spread, they can become hard to stamp out—even if its source has been long extinguished. This is especially true when

Roundup Shown to Be Safe (Again)

It’s hard to ignore the growing list of scientific authorities from around the world that keep coming to the same conclusion: glyphosate, the ingredient in herbicides

Organics Could be Labeled GMO?

Congress recently approved a GMO labeling bill and the President is set to sign it into law. But not everyone is happy about the new

Throwback: Before Sanitation

We debunked the new EWG report yesterday on how chemicals are found in our bodies. It relied on scare tactics and shoddy science. But it also appealed to