CAS Statement: California’s Cancer Warning on Coffee

Washington, D.C. – Yesterday, a Los Angeles County Superior Court judge ruled that coffee sold in the state of California must now come with a Proposition 65 cancer warning. The nonprofit Center for Accountability in Science is calling the preliminary ruling “a bad move for public health.”

Dr. Joseph Perrone, Chief Science Officer at the Center for Accountability in Science, issued the following statement:

“Once again, California’s Proposition 65 has put a target on the back of an unquestionably safe product. Although acrylamide is reasonably anticipated to cause cancer in humans, a vast number of observational studies show that consuming coffee — even in great quantities — does not increase one’s risk of cancer.

When coffee carries the same warning as paint thinner or cleaning supplies, we cannot be surprised that consumers don’t take the warnings more seriously when a real risk of danger exists. In this sense, Proposition 65 has done far more harm than good.”

You can read more about the lack of scientific evidence supporting Proposition 65 warnings, and the excess of legal fees resulting from Proposition 65 lawsuits at  Prop 65 Scam is an ongoing project of the Center for Accountability in Science.