How Many French Fries Would it Take to Give You Cancer?

Today, the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) released its scientific opinion on acrylamide, a chemical created when many foods are cooked at high temperatures, finding it may potentially increase the risk of developing cancer. The vast majority of scientific research showing acrylamide may cause cancer has been performed in animals; EFSA notes “Evidence from human studies that dietary exposure to acrylamide causes cancer is currently limited and inconclusive.”

Though at high doses, acrylamide may pose a health risk average consumers are not exposed to enough acrylamide through diet to cause health concerns. EFSA expert’s concluded that “current levels of dietary exposure are not a health concern;” children who eat a large amount of acrylamide-containing foods are most at risk.

In our new video series, “The Dose Makes the Poison,” the Center for Accountability in Science’s Dr. Joseph Perrone explains you’d have to eat 182 pounds of french fries before you’d have to worry about developing cancer from acrylamide. Of course, that hasn’t stopped California from adding it to its Proposition 65 warning list. Check out our new video below.