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Jul 24

Chemicals in Your Mac and Cheese?

Phthalates: They’re difficult to pronounce, widely used in plastics, rubber, cosmetics, and fragrances, and yes, they’re in your macaroni and cheese. But should you really be worried...

Jul 19

Grab Some Coffee and Perk Up to Sensationalized Science

One day it seems that coffee will kill you, while the next it’s hailed as the key to a long life. So what gives? In an...

Jul 16

GMOs A-OK In God’s Book

As Catholics head to mass this morning, they have something new to celebrate. Last week, the Vatican stood on the side of science when it...

Jul 13

No, You Won’t Meal Prep Your Way to Obesity

“Meal prepping,” or preparing a week’s worth of food in advance to focus on portion control and nutritional content, has taken the health world by...