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Nov 17

Which Retailers Fail on Toxic Chemicals?

Earlier this week, Safer Chemicals Healthy Families released a report card from its Mind the Store campaign grading Amazon, Apple, and 28 other major retailers on toxic...

Nov 13

Dr. Dourson is a Seasoned Toxicologist. Why Don’t Environmental Groups Support His EPA Nomination?

Major media coverage of President Trump’s nominations to the Environmental Protection Agency is enough to make any professional scientist’s head spin. The New York Times...

Nov 10

Shoppers Want Parabens – But Have No Idea What Parabens Are

In recent years, activist groups have spent millions of dollars convincing consumers that the chemicals lurking in their cosmetics pose an unreasonable risk to human...

Nov 1

Science Reporting Should Be Above Personal Demonization

Last weekend, the New York Times published a story criticizing the ascension of Dr. Nancy Beck from Estée Lauder toxicologist to EPA Deputy Assistant Administrator. Rather...