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Aug 23

Roundup Shown to Be Safe (Again)

It’s hard to ignore the growing list of scientific authorities from around the world that keep coming to the same conclusion: glyphosate, the ingredient in herbicides...

Aug 16

A Misconception Detox

A round of applause for Forbes for squeezing out the truth about juicing. When asked whether it’s a good or bad idea to lose weight drinking...

Aug 9

A Case for Cupping?

If you’ve been watching the Rio Olympics, you may be concerned about the large, dark spots on some athletes. “Cupping,” the practice responsible for the marks,...

Jul 29

True or False: Vaccine Edition

This week, Vactruth perpetuated its echo-chamber of anti-vaccination rhetoric by posting an article entitled “Vaccines Blamed for Alarming Increase in Seizure Disorders Among Children.” We decided...