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Oct 17

Blame Outdated Law, Not Science, For The Latest Artificial Flavor Cancer Scare

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration is giving food manufacturers 2 years to remove a handful of artificial flavors from drinks, baked goods, ice cream and...

Sep 27

“Physicians” Committee exaggerates cancer risk on DC radio

An interesting ad is making the rounds on DC radio. “In the 1980s and 90s we weren’t so sure about what caused colon cancer, America’s second leading...

Aug 24

Russian bot accounts spread misinformation about vaccines

New research published in the American Journal of Public Health found some unsettling trends in online health communication. The same Russian Twitter accounts that promoted...

Aug 20

Junk Science: The Least Important Meal of the Day

A new report from the alarmist Environmental Working Group (EWG) warns your breakfast may be poisoning you. The scapegoat of choice is one that has...