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Jan 18

The “Tide POD Challenge” Will Kill You

People of all ages and backgrounds have been swept into a frenzy over the “Tide POD Challenge.” Often described as “looking almost like candy,” these...

Jan 12

Adam Ruins Everything Tackles “Toxins”

The comedian Adam Conover and his show “Adam Ruins Everything” recently tackled the slew of pseudo-scientific industries purporting to help people rid their body of...

Jan 8

Raw Water? More Like Raw Sewage.

Without exaggeration, the United Nations calls clean water the “core of sustainable development,” and “critical for socio-economic development, energy and food production, healthy ecosystems, and...

Nov 17

Which Retailers Fail on Toxic Chemicals?

Earlier this week, Safer Chemicals Healthy Families released a report card from its Mind the Store campaign grading Amazon, Apple, and 28 other major retailers on toxic...