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Mar 28

No, Disney Animal Crackers Won’t Give You Cancer

When it comes to the bare necessities of health, misinformation runs rampant. Just last week, a major newspaper reported on the apparent danger of Jungle...

Mar 23

Good Guy NASA: Improving Veggies and Sending Us to Mars

Americans are pretty skeptical when it comes to new technologies impacting their lives, but the vast majority can get behind one group: NASA. This week, President...

Mar 20

Can An Organic, GMO-Free Diet Really Ward Off The Weight?

Every generation has its food and exercise fads. Juice diets, jazzercize, cabbage soup– at one point low fat diets were the go-to way to lose...

Mar 14

Happy Pi Day

March 14th, or 3/14 is Pi Day! Pi is the ratio of a circle’s circumference (the whole length around) to its diameter (distance across the...