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Oct 9

Happy National Nanotechnology Day!

Nanotechnology may still sound more fiction than science, but innovations with really (really, really) small particles are already impacting the world today. So on October...

Sep 28

Think Almonds Alone Can Stop Obesity? That’s Nuts!

In a textbook case of sensationalist journalism, several outlets recently reported that eating nuts reduces weight gain, lowers the risk of obesity, and should be...

Sep 22

Politics Beats Science On Fire Safety

With Thanksgiving just around the corner, there will be plenty of politics to argue over turkey dinner. But the one place politics should have no...

Sep 20

Child Fire Safety Goes Up In Flames with Government Ban

This morning, the Consumer Product Safety Commission decided on a party-line vote to ban organohalogen flame retardants from children’s products, furniture, mattresses, and electronics. Surely...